Transportability refers to the ease of movement of passengers, freight or information. It is related to transport costs as well as to the attributes of what is being transported (fragility, perishable, price). Political factors can also influence transportability such as laws, regulations, borders and tariffs. When transportability is high, activities are less constrained by distance.

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Chartered MV Anthea to load 33,000 MTons of Cement in 2 Ton jumbo bags from Karachi, Pakistan to  South Africa....



Chartered MV Inuyama to load 18010MTons of Mill Scale in Bulk from Karachi, Pakistan to Nantong China....



Chartered MV Ise to load 18150MTons of Mill Scale in Bulk from Karachi, Pakistan to Bayuquan China....



Fixed MV Anoushka to carry 23000 MTOns Petcoke from Vizag, India to Jabel Ali, UAE....

.Eastern Charm.

Eastern Charm

Mv Eastern Charm was chartered to carry 21500MTons of SBM from Kandla to China...

.Ayyildiz 5.

Ayyildiz 5

Chartered Ayyildiz 5 to carry 15,500 MTons of Cement in 50 Kg bags from Karachi to West Africa...

.Orient III.

Orient III

Chartered Orient III to carry 31000 MTons of Cement in 50 Kg bags from Port Qasim to Umm Qasar, Iraq...

.Vera I.

Vera I

Fixed MV Vera I to carry 23000 MTons Petcoke from Vizag, India to Jabel Ali, UAE....

.Mukarnas (fixed twice).

Mukarnas (fixed twice)

Fixed MV Mukarnas to Carry 15000MTons of PetCoke from Kuwait to Jabel Ali...

.Western Charm.

Western Charm

Fixed MV Western Charm to carry 15000MTons of HMP Chemicals and Fertilizers from Zhenjiang to Chennai...

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Handling project cargo takes special care, expertise and attention. Shipments are typically time bound and valuable – and our global network, extensive local logistics experience and dedicated on site project


As a representative of ship owners and charterers, it is always our mission to optimize the vessel usage at the best interest of both parties. We cover wide range of vessels employment,


Sale and purchase of ship is one of the important activities in the shipping industry. It involves a huge amount of money in term of more than hundred millions US dollar and it requires different kinds of profession


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